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Lachlan Skipworth: Make Wind (world premiere)

We are excited to release the world premiere performance of Lachlan Skipworth's 'Make Wind'.

Clever, creative Australians from Perth to Bega, the Gold Coast to the South Coast, watched our previous Make Wind videos and had an absolute blast making and playing their own wind instruments. We had people from ages of 6 to 65 discovering their breath and wind music for the very first time, as well as music students and professionals experimenting with a kaleidoscopic variety of sounds they could create. These wonderful people then recorded themselves on video, and sent those videos to us. We took all of these sounds and moving images, combined, layered and mixed them in accordance with Skipworth’s score, to create the final work you can watch today.

We are overjoyed with both the final product, as well as the experience of reconnecting with audiences around Australia. This project will not end here—the videos, tools and score can and will continue to be used in the future, from the classroom to the pool room! We would like to thank the Australian Music Centre for their support with this commission, and for supporting Australian music and artists during these unprecedented times. It means the world and has allowed us to continue to make art and connect with our audiences in a way that would not otherwise have been possible.

Performed by: Arcadia Winds Lachlan Skipworth Jennifer Timmins Zoe Freisberg Luca & Nelleke Yi Lucy Price Thomas Garnett Katie Yap Luke Grigoropoulos Laurie, Jonathon, Felicity & Victoria Ireland Mike, Grace & Steve Boone Charlotte, Cooper, Chris & David Shaw Aloke Phatak & Siri Barrett-Lennard

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Lloyd Hoff
Lloyd Hoff
Sep 18, 2020

Thank you Steve and Jill - we couldn’t have done it without you and your family!


Sep 17, 2020

What a wonderful example of young musicians inspiring even younger musicians to show musical initiative. Thanks to our Arcadia Winds friends and Lachlan Skipworth for providing hours of musical fun for our grandchildren and their cousins. Three cheers for Lloyd and Zoe for being at our place in person to contribute to the excitement of children making their own instruments, and then playing them hilariously together. They can't stop talking about your visit, and the two year old is still playing on his old washing machine hose "not-very-French horn". The five year old asked the other day "Are Lloyd and Zoe still upstairs?" The music-making lesson was clearly unforgettable!

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