Written in the heart of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Australian composer and clarinetist Paul Dean dreamed up a series of Lockdown Miniatures for the musician friends closest to him. It's an extraordinary body of work, encompassing 9 sets of miniatures that reflect on the news and events that consumed our lives during the pandemic. The second set of miniatures were written for violin and clarinet and are dedicated to Zoe Freisberg and Lloyd Van't Hoff. 


Album Title

Lockdown Miniatures - No. 2 For Violin and Clarinet



Paul Dean



Zoe Freisberg and Lloyd Van't Hoff


Track Listing

I. "Surely It's Time to Have Some Fun”

II. "Childish Games”

III. "El Peor Dia”

IV. "Rip the Place Apart”

V. "Lloyd Can't Dance!”

VI. "Unknown Unknowns”

VII. "Farewell in Isolation”


Available now, exclusively for digital download, and on all streaming services. Digital download includes high quality MP3s for each track, album art and program notes from the composer.


Album art courtesy of Eljo Agenbach


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Lockdown Miniatures - No. 2 for Violin and Clarinet

  • "In the seven pithy cameos of Lockdown Miniatures No. 2, Dean artfully distils pandemic emotions; whether it be a frenzied fight over toilet paper, the sad longing induced by quarantine separation or the need for diverting fun. Equal to the challenge of vividly and convincingly evoking these fleeting scenes, [Freisberg and Van't Hoff] exploited a kaleidoscopic variety of timbres, revelling in Dean’s energetic, visceral writing, as well as moments of plaintive tenderness".  -The Age